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Nuisance, rowdy

Reported anonymously at 16:50, Wed 21 August 2019

Sent to Royal Borough of Greenwich 5 minutes later

This motor garage 5 Vicarage park SE18 7ST, has became in the past several weeks now a source of hub of anti social behaviour, grown foreign all men in numbers 3/6 or 8 of groups show up just to hang around being rowdy, nuisance, and intimidating the local people, on streets of Vicarage Road SE18 and Vicarage park SE18, further intimidating residents on this area, since the motor garage is closer proximity to us as a residents.

Council should do something about this.

They are not there to get there car fixed but rather a social and entertainment aspect, being rowdy, nuisance, arriving around 1pm to staying late sometimes hanging around the local shop till late sometimes, sitting on private properties on there walls, there car/vans they arrive in doors are left open music blasting, causing to become obstacle to pedestrian to walk by.

It seems these grown men who have nothing else to do in life to show up everyday because of one individual who works inside the garage.

Please do something about this, I can see it becoming out of control

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 18:31, Wed 21 August 2019

  • I totally agree with it, I’m sick of getting death stares whenever I drive past, but also the endless waiting for them to shut the gate to let people pass, the customers double parked outside so have to wait to get last, also the fact that Vicarage Road and St margarets all that are double yellow just has all the awaiting cars and business vehicles parked there. No one from Greenwich ever enforces highway rules which are always in question (what is the secret we don’t know, i’d Love to know!). The building is large enough to hold several customer vehicles being worked on and in waiting, so why does it overspill onto residential areas so badly? But back to the arrogant staff... of it was teenagers dong the exact same thing, someone will be over to serve an ASBO in a heartbeat. I think Something needs to be done by residents, a petition or trip down the road to see the councillor, as GC I guarantee you will do SWEET FA on here

    Posted anonymously at 19:25, Thu 22 August 2019

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 21:31, Thu 22 August 2019

  • This is not good look for the Greenwich council to be ignoring this systemic problems that us “fed up” residents have being alerting to the GC, of all sorts of issues regarding about this motor garage 5 Vicarage park SE18 7ST. At least do the investigation on this business, grantee you will find GOLD. furthermore let’s attach this to the many growing “issues”.....fixing cars/ changing oil, on the streets of Vicarage Road and St margarets, closing 8/9 when the business states otherwise closing time 6pm, resulting music still playing loudly inside, residents coming back from work no space to park due to them closing 8/9 I agree if nothing is being done we will take a lovely trip down the road to see the councillor

    Posted anonymously at 13:22, Fri 23 August 2019

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 15:31, Fri 23 August 2019

  • I agree with the problem stated above. The garage are very problematic. The garage utilise the whole of Vicarage Road to park unused broken vehicles and on Coupland Place. There is sometimes no parking whatsoever.

    As a resident here, I have asked an employee politely to please move their car to a different space, so I could carry my shopping in through the backdoor of my house. As a result of asking politely, a man from the garage came out shouting at me saying “I do not own the road” and “I always park here”. I observed how angry he got and just walked away and didn’t think it was worth-it wasting my energy on this behaviour.

    I haven’t parked on Vicarage Road in at least 6 months as there are never ANY spaces! So for this man to aggressively shout at me and accuse me of parking her eyes is ridiculous. Surely even if I had managed to find a space on this road and park here it shouldn’t be a problem - as I’m an actual resident of this neighbourhood of 20 years +.

    I would recommend permits to be issued with clear signage, as we residents are so sick and tired of worrying about parking and antisocial behaviour that this area promotes.

    Double yellow lines have not deterred the garage as they park how they want! The disabled space/access space where it says no parking on vicarage road gets blocked and parked on by the garage.

    They always block the road with vehicles stopping in the middle of the road for a chat or to leave their vehicle there whilst the driver goes in for a chat.

    Please please put in some sort of action plan so we residents are able to come home and park our car peacefully. Or manoeuvre on this road with no issue I.e blocked cars. The unused broken cars also promote such antisocial behaviour. With children/teenagers breaking in these cars and smashing the glass everywhere. There was a recent incident, where the unused cars were lit on fire and 2 fire brigades came and a police car.

    It has gotten way out of hand but it seems like the Greenwich Council are just ignoring the issue as it is the easy option? And marking as “in progress”.

    Please review this big issue immediately.

    Posted anonymously at 05:21, Mon 2 September 2019

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 06:31, Mon 2 September 2019

  • Yeah the staff/owner there gets really defensive sometimes, claiming that he's just trying to run a business etc. I sympathise greatly with the residents there as living around here for 30+ years I have seen most of the issues along the way. I know GC wrote to us all for our opinions on permits / enforced parking, but it was decided not to pursue. I do think that actually now, it is a good idea, or even 'residents parking only' from say 8am-6pm (Hackney do something similar from 8.30am - 11pm but that's near nightlife etc). However on Conduit Street (on way to Woolwich) they have controlled parking right next to another garage... however I'm sure that rule is residents only 'or 30 minutes max' - and that is almost always taken by the garage's next customers etc and GC don't enforce that at all, it's like garages are like the mafia around here lol.

    I recall the fire incident - and annoyingly the owners of the damaged fencing that the fire spread to, has only last year put the fencing up to stop mattresses etc being dumped. So when the cars (at land rear of 12 VP, lets not mess around here) are moved.. 2 minutes later, more flytipping. But there is a combination of professional fly-tippers, and also douchebag residents who are just dumping their own stuff. So much for 'neighbourhood' - GC have their hands full I can understand that, but we are not getting anywhere whilst paying our council tax allegedly to help make our lives better, happier and safer. But first things first, give the residents their parking spaces back - write to the garage to inform them to respect the neighbourhood, cap the amount of cars being worked on outside of the premises (to say, zero!) - but then who is going to enforce this? We all know they pay the council the commercial rates etc for running a business, but that doesn't include the roads outside of it, so why are they allowed to take over them almost 24/7. WE LIVE HERE, THEY DON'T !!!

    Posted anonymously at 11:54, Mon 2 September 2019

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 12:31, Mon 2 September 2019

  • Still open, via questionnaire, 18:53, Wed 18 September 2019

  • Hi, is there a real update on this issue? Rather than just marking this issue fixed.

    I never received a petition for my opinion on the controlled parking/permits. It’s a shame we would have to come to that, but I completely agree that this NEEDS to be put in place.

    I am working all the time and some Days I come back at 8/9pm with no parking. I see abandoned vehicles parked all over vicarage park/rd and Coupland place. This is very frustrating when I’m a resident who should be able to park here.

    We residents have complained countless times and it seems to be useless and hopeless...

    Posted anonymously at 01:23, Fri 11 October 2019

  • Totally agree with the above. In addition, when you’re all out of parking spaces, what do you go and do? I know, I’ll park on the f*cking pavement at the roundabout near Blendon terrace and Vicarage Park. TBH I’ve seen council vehicles park there and that’s fine, but this kn*b isn’t the pope, so why doesn’t he (‘and all the douchebag parents waiting to pick their kids up) use this spot? Sorry if I’m missing issues but it’s also relevant as used as a queuing spot for the garage! I’m thinking about doing it myself for a a day, and when anyone tries to give me a ticket, I’ll shove it where the sun most certainly doesn’t shine! I know fix my street covers all boroughs, and really direct comms to Greenwich council is another avenue.... but they are incredibly slow, not sure why, I mean are they getting backhanders or something? Or has GC bought one Land Rover discovery too many and now there’s no staff to deal with certain matters lol

    Posted anonymously at 17:07, Fri 11 October 2019

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 00:31, Sat 12 October 2019

  • Still open, via questionnaire, 23:54, Wed 16 October 2019

  • Whoever posted this on Friday 11/10... I think we should all connect, I think together we can all get more done - no one gives a rat’s a**** on here, in the mean time Vicarage Road looks like a scrap yard, I swear I saw customers backing up to the (beloved) Old Vicarage, last week a customer was going ape sh*t around 2.30pm on a Friday was it? There is a school there and let’s just say, the language was not good, and all of it was on the garage premises? No - on the street. The recovery van now parks in the roundabout, and all the vans still are now using the paved area near the shop to park their vans... I mean is the garage AND Vicarage Road AND St Margaret’s not enough?? It’s a contravention across several departments.... Find out where that w*nker lives and ruin his / family life. Every Friday there is a surgery at glyndon, and all residents have right to make complaints - I’ll do what I can to email the teams direct, with all / any photos / evidence - in 2020 we need to resolve this. I’ll fish out that parking proposal letter if I can find it, and see if they want to ‘restart’ the conversation. But won’t mean a thing if enforcement officers never witness the midweek stupidity that is our neighbourhood. Oh - I attach a picture for everyone’s humour - No parking? No problem

    Posted anonymously at 01:43, Thu 28 November 2019

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    Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 03:30, Thu 28 November 2019

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